At present, in the process of producing large round steel bar products in domestic iron and steel enterprises, it is easy to produce flash edge, burr and swelling head phenomenon in the bar end, which is influenced by the process of sawing and collecting cold bed, which seriously restricts the improvement of the surface quality of the product.
At present, chamfering machines have begun to be applied in various fields, including automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, child car, metal furniture, medical products, building doors and windows, fitness equipment, air conditioning refrigeration, bathroom hardware, solar energy, lighting, building decoration industry and all industries using metal materials.
The automatic chamfering machine adopts PLC control system and hydraulic execution system, and the whole work flow realizes the automation and continuous operation. the bar is from the previous production process, that is, the cold bed under the bar is stacked slowly after cooling, put to the chamfering machine feeding bench start, the bar automatic branch from the bench feeding, to automatically complete the chamfering at both ends, automatic collection, go hand in hand, automatic count bundle, and then the finished product is bundled and hoisted into a whole work flow.
The automatic chamfering machine consists of three parts: mechanical device, hydraulic system and electrical control system. Mechanical devices include: chamfering machine body, auxiliary equipment; hydraulic system includes: hydraulic station, control valve group, hydraulic pipeline and actuator; electrical control system includes: electronic control box and PLC control module, control of hydraulic system pressure, liquid level, oil temperature, pressure difference, etc., and carry out manual, automatic or remote control of all actuator action procedures, time delay, signal feedback, etc. The system adopts computer simulation, monitoring, statistics, and man-machine interface friendly setting. The body composition of the chamfering machine includes: cutting device (power head), spring-type limiting mechanism, clamping mechanism, supporting mechanism and buffer mechanism.

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