Pile cutting can be one of the most important steps when constructing a deep foundation substructure. Aggregated Technologies is one of the nation’s leaders in pile cutting. Whether a job requires 50 or 50,000 piles, our company can meet your needs.

  ATI has patented its own pile cutting machine. This patented device is capable of cutting and removing up to 200 piles in one day with a single machine and operator. Our technology is efficient and gets the job done quickly and safely. The work that would typically take multiple crews and a great deal of equipment to accomplish can be done by one worker and one machine thanks to the innovation and creative engineering of ATI.

  ATI’s patented pile cutting machine holds concrete piles in place at any angle. The detached pieces are then removed. This approach works with the same effectiveness for steel piles.

  Our custom equipment allowed us to cut and remove 10,000 14” x 14” and 18” x 18” precast concrete piles at Motiva in Port Arthur, Texas, for which Aggregate Technologies was awarded an?ABC Excellence in Construction Award?in 2009. Other jobs with our pile cutting technology had us cutting and removing 3,500 precast concrete piles at Shintech in Louisiana.

  Pile driving and cutting can prove to be one of the more difficult parts of construction due to the uncertainty often associated with subsurface environments. When you go to cut piles, go to the leader, Aggregate Technologies.

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