JCZ QCW series welding machine is mainly used for welding of 3C precision devices, medical endoscope, cell phone precision motor, battery pole piece, and other thin sheets, with75W 150W 300W 450W 600W Quasi Continuous IPG or Raycus laser.

  It also integrates a laser scanning control system and a high-speed beam splitting mechanism to achieve high-speed multi-channel welding.

  Main Features

  ● High beam quality quasi-continuous fiber laser, maintenance-free, 90% power saving compared to YAG laser.

  ● Fast switching between multi beam paths with high-efficiency beam splitting module.

  ●Very cost-effective, simultaneous welding on multiple products.

  ●Very flexible, it can be used with a manual working table or automation line.

  ● The visual calibration system can quickly calibrate the welding trajectory. The energy monitoring system can quickly provide feedback on the fluctuation of welding energy, and the temperature detection system can check the stability of the optical path in real-time to achieve good welding consistency.

  ● The equipment is air-cooled and maintenance-free.

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