The Parameter How to Marking Black Color on Stainless Steel

For New users who want to get black color on SS maybe met lot of problem at the beginning of use laser marker, u will learn more about the parameters of fiber laser marking machine, like power, speed, pulse width, frequency of one fiber laser marking machine as below:

Ordinary pulsed fiber laser marking machine can do black and white on stainless steel, and also can mark other colors, but it's very difficult, we recommend MOPA laser marking machine marking other colors, MOPA laser machine marking color more easier. Today we welcome to pay attention to Tooomz MACHINERY to see the how to get black color on SS when use fiber laser marking machine:

The following method is based on machine with 20W laser source, 110mm*110mm f-theta lens,

The 1 method:

choose power 80, speed 100, fill line spacing(Hatch) 0.05, frequency 20, as also adjust the focus length about -3mm, u can see the picture of marking parameters as below:

marking black using fiber laser marking machine

if u think the speed is very slow, and it deformed for some thin plates, we suggest another method to do quick black marking,

The 2 method:

Power 80, speed 350, fill line spacing(Hatch) 0.1, frequency 50, as also adjust the focus length -1mm, u can see the picture of marking parameters as below:

black engraving laser

The speed of the second mode can save more time of marking, also the thin metal will not be deformed.

BTW, like us to show u the role of some parameters of fiber laser marking machines:

1. Marking frequency, the number of pulses per unit time is named the marking frequency of the fiber laser marking machine. it's easy understanding, When the marking frequency is large, the laser spot is dense(close and numerous), and if the marking frequency is small, the laser spot is sparse(Venues tend sparsely).

Although the naked eye may not make out it, if we put the marking piece under the electron microscope, we can see that it is a continuous line, It is composed of many points.

The higher marking frequency, the denser the laser spot and the smoother the marking.

2, Marking speed, here refers to the speed of the laser. This speed is the speed that can be adjusted in the parameters, not the overall speed of finish marking on one product.

Because the overall marking speed is not only affected by the speed parameters, but also by the marking depth, marking area and other factors. the function of Marking speed in software is laser speed, the biger number, the faster marking speed will be.

fast speed will cut down the time of laser touch on product. low speed is more conducive to depth, But it is not the slower the speed, the better the depth. Because the speed of the marking is too slow, the material that the laser hits will accumulate on the surface of the material, affecting the laser to hit deeper. So if you marking deep, you should use a high-speed sweep after a few times at low speed.

3. Marking power, in the parameter setting, the power is adjusted by percentage, and the output power from 0% to 100% can be adjusted. The default default parameter is 50% of the output power.

The larger the output power is, the larger the laser output energy is, and the easier to get depth.

However, the output power should be adjusted according to your real needs, because the output energy is too large, the greater the impact on the material, you can meet the desired effect without having to open more power, otherwise long time and high load Working, it will have an impact on the life of the laser.

4. Filling (Hatch function )is mainly used in closed graphs that are not related to each other. there have five type of hatch in software, There is nothing to say about this parameter. Everyone actually knows what is going on (filling the lines in the graph).

laser hatch

5, the last is the pulse width. Pulse width means the duration of a laser pulse. The general fiber laser marking machine does not have the function of adjusting the pulse width. What are the advantages of the fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width, which can be used to black alumina, and has a certain advantage in depth.

Adjustable pulse width and wider frequency can choose "MOPA LASER MARKING MACHINE"

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