With the development of laser cutting machine technology, garment processing industry has also ushered in the spring, faster processing speed, shorter delivery cycle. Perhaps the garment processing large enterprises procurement of laser cutting machines have been very understanding, so many small companies? They know how to choose laser cutting machine, or can not first choice of laser cutting machine is a scientific.

So how to choose a suitable metal laser cutting machine? Choose a suitable metal laser cutting machines which influence factors, we first not talk about the strength of the enterprise procurement cost control, from single laser cutting machine, there are 6 problems need to be considered:

cutting seams fine: laser cutting slot in general 0.10mm-0.20mm;the smooth cutting surface: surface without burr cutting method of laser cutting;small thermal deformation: laser cutting laser processing of thin, fast speed, the energy is concentrated, so to the material to be cut on the heat caused by small, the deformation of the material is very small;is very suitable for the development of new products, shorten the development cycle: once the product drawings after forming, immediately can be laser processing, you can get new products in the shortest period of time real;save materials: laser processing by computer programming, can make material cutting products in different shapes, maximize the utilization rate of materials.processing for large products: mold manufacturing cost of products is high, the laser processing without any mold manufacturing, and laser processing to completely avoid forming material punching the edge collapse, can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises improve the grade of product.

Metal laser cutting machine regulator performance on

  •   Metal cutting laser power stability of the power supply system is relatively high, but with the development of industry, the pollution of power supply is becoming more and more serious, more or less will be the interference voltage surge, these disturbances may be due to the operation of industrial equipment and power supply quality is caused, the manifestation is:
  •   the change of voltage fluctuated and the transient mutation. To make the metal laser cutting machine is normal, the use of AC voltage stabilizer is a good choice. What are the properties of metal laser cutting machine regulator?

  The performance of metal laser cutting machine regulator as follows:

the precision: ± 1%~ ± 5% adjustable output voltage adjustment range: ± 10V4, no additional distortion, produces no phase shift.the input voltage: 380V ± 25% three-phase, single-phase 220V ± 25%, frequency of 47~60HZ2, the output voltage of three phase 380V, phase 220V: (can be set according to needs).the efficiency of ≥ 98%, insulating transformer up to level H.the response time.according to the needs of the user self coupling transformer or transformer isolation in the regulated output can be equipped with different types of voltage stability, to provide various types of users, to meet the needs of different types of machine tool demand.continuous work, and can bear the load of super short.with over-voltage, over-current protection function.the working environment: the temperature of -10 ℃ ~+40 ℃, relative humidity.can be used for any property of the load (resistive, inductive, capacitive).installation of automatic start function (overvoltage trip, when the city electricity back to the range and power again after us, the machine automatically boot).with double delay mechanism (boot delay output overvoltage, delay shutdown, from instant impact).adding the function of phase lacking protection.

  What influence the precision of laser cutting?

  •   Laser cutting machine accuracy is a problem for customers to buy cutting machine are most concerned about, the main characteristics of laser cutting machine is cutting speed, high precision cutting.
  •   Cutting the first CNC system instability caused by the slow: laser cutting machine for CNC system CPU and hard drive heat, cause system instability, not full time work; or fan wear, hard disk vibration or damage of virus infection, lead to the production of stagnation, there may be a digital control system for cutting control software defects, failure or the cutting error, also can delay cutting production, problems affecting the cutting quality.
  •   The second is the numerical control system without the automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database. Cutting workers can only with experience and eyes, cutting machine by manual control, can not do automatic perforation and automatic cutting, cutting machine, the production efficiency is low.
  •   The last is the use of cutting method is not suitable for.?Metal laser cutting machine to cut set, cutting way too simple, the individual parts are perforated, and are to be cut, no use of edge edge, borrow, bridging efficient way to cut, leading to low cutting efficiency, and the cutting nozzle supplies (especially plasma cutting nozzle) waste.


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