If your business requires filling bags or bottles for drinks, food, or other products, you should invest in a filling line machine. Packing is a vital equipment for manufacturing industry to improve product quality and production efficiency. They are usually used to package food or drinks, but their use extends to the packaging of many other products.

How does pouch filling machine work

There are two main varieties of pouch filling machines and equipment: rotary and inline. The rotary design of the machine takes up less floor space than the inline model. This is because rotary fill pouch and seal machine components are laid out in a circular fashion instead of a straight horizontal line.

Inline Liquid Filling Machines – Likeshampoo pouch filling machine, this machine pours both low and high-viscosity liquid to containers that are arranged in a single line along the conveyor system.

Rotary Liquid Filling Machines – It moves containers along different circular stations, with each one performing a specific function such as filling, sealing, and capping.

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How does bottle filling machine work

Bottle filling line equipment ( such asBeers filling line):the operator places the bottles onto the conveyor and bottles downstream will be moved into an automated gate system,which can be set up to release one or more bottles into the filling area. The number of the bottles depending on the number of the nozzles.

When the bottles are released into the filling area, then the sensor can detect the bottle and automatically starts the filling process. Once the filling process finished, a new batch of bottles will be released to the filling area for filling.

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Working principle:

However, different fillers are required for various products. And these products are packaged in a specified amount in a carton, a plastic bag or a bottle.

Based on their degree of automation and the materials used, these fillers are classified differently. They could be categorized as automatic, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines. And they could also be liquid fillers, gas fillers, paste fillers and powder fillers.

It is important to note that there are various types of fillers in the market when we talk about the working principles. Therefore we will only look at the working principles behind the filling of liquids, gases, and adhesives.

Let’s watch a video to learn how does a filling machine work.

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