Fiber laser cutting machine, as a popular equipment at present, has a wide range of applications. After a long time of use, some minor faults are often encountered. In the face of these common faults, many customers who do not know the fiber laser cutting machine may be at a loss! Today, Leapion Laser Manager shared with you seven common faults and solutions, as follows:

  Problem 1: The fiber laser cutting machine does not emit light

  1. Check whether the power cord is loose or damaged

  Click pre-adjustment to check whether the ammeter is swinging. If it does not swing, then use a multimeter to test whether the power supply of the fiber laser cutting machine has power. If there is power supply but still does not emit light, the power supply may be faulty and need to be replaced;

  2. Check whether the circulating water path of the chiller of the fiber laser gas cutting machine is blocked, and the water path should be kept unobstructed;

  3. Check whether the laser tube is normal. If there is any problem, remove and replace it in time;

  4. Check whether the laser light path of the machine is normal. Press the light to see if the laser tube is bright. If it is bright and the laser head is not light, there is a problem with the light path.

  5. Whether the button panel lights are normal, check the machine operation panel, whether the power is correct, or whether the computer software parameters are correct

  6. Check whether light is emitted from the laser power signal. If the light is emitted, the laser tube and laser power supply are normal.

  7. Pay attention to whether there is a noise in the power supply. If there is, it is mostly due to poor contact of the power connector, which needs to be soldered or connected again, and then the dust in the power supply is cleaned.

  Problem 2: The light emission is not very normal, continuous or intermittent light emission

  1. Check the parameter settings to see if the laser type is correct, it is the main cause of continuous light-emitting failure;

  2. Pull the control line to see if there is any loose control line or unreliable connection;

  3. Disconnect the control line on the power supply, and use the burst switch point to emit light to analyze whether the power supply or the main board is faulty.

  A. If the burst is not normal, it means there is a problem with the power supply;

  B. When the power supply is normal, connect the control line and use a multimeter to measure the switch control pin on the wiring board. When it does not emit light, the normal voltage is above 4V and below 3V, the motherboard output is abnormal; when it is illuminated, the voltage of this pin should be Below 2V, output above 2.5V is abnormal;

  C. Unplug the power control line of the fiber laser cutting machine, and no longer emit light, which proves that the main board is faulty;

  4. Check whether the laser type is incorrectly selected;

  5. In the old model, unplug the data control line of the mainboard connected to the laser power supply and turn it on again. If the laser still comes out, the laser power supply fails;

  6. Check whether the water circulation is normal, whether the water flow is sometimes absent, and whether there is a problem with the water protector.


  Problem 3: The instability of the cutting head causes the problem of touching the board or following the wrong distance

  1. The following distance of the cutting head is too large

  Open the follow-up head debugging software, observe whether the following distance is set correctly; adjust the upper limit and lower limit of the cutting head, increase in the same proportion, and test to the appropriate value.

  2. The laser cutting head is normal after touching the board

  This situation is generally a parameter problem. You can reduce the upper limit and lower limit of the laser cutting head in the same proportion, and the laser cutting head will follow it normally.

  3. During the cutting process, the laser cutting head suddenly rises automatically

  When this happens, be sure to stop the laser work immediately and observe whether the copper nozzle of the follower head is heating up. If it is hot, it means that the laser light path is not correct, which causes the copper nozzle to overheat and the capacitance value changes. Generally, adjusting the optical path can solve such problems.

  Problem 4: After booting, the device does not run

  1. Check whether the laser cutting machine is powered on, if it is not powered on, please plug in the power first;

  2. Whether the main board parameters of the laser cutting machine are correct, if not, please refer to the software instructions to correct the parameters;

  3. Check whether the motor shaft is separated and whether the synchronization wheel is loose;

  4. Check whether the wires or plugs on the motherboard, power supply, plugs connected to the drive block (device) are in good contact;

  5. If you check that all the displays are normal, if you can hear an obvious buzzing sound, it must be a mechanical failure. Whether the trolley and beam are smooth by hand, and whether there are obstructions. See if there are other things blocking it.

  Question 5: There is a gap in the size of the cut

  1. Check whether the settings in the fixed parameters of the laser equipment are normal;

  2. Check whether the parameters on the computer are correct and whether the number of pulses is normal;

  3. Finally, check whether the settings on the drawing software are correct.

  Problem 6: The control panel has no display and the keys cannot be started

  1. Check whether the wiring is loose, check whether the connection line from the motherboard to the panel is loose;

  2. Restart to see if the cross beam and the trolley are reset normally, and there is no such action, and deal with the fault according to the starting no action;

  3. Press the power-on reset button, press the direction keys and function keys on the machine panel to see whether it is normal, whether the keys can be automatically reset, and whether there is any abnormality.

  3. Check whether the sockets and connectors on the connection display control are loose;

  4. Replace the display control block, check whether there is a display, whether the indicator light on the control block is on, and whether the power supply is normal;

  5. Try to replace the data cable;

  6. If there is a display on the control panel and the buttons do not move, replace a button film to see if it is normal.

  Problem 7: The surface of the cutting workpiece is rough

  If the surface of the cutting workpiece of the fiber laser cutting machine is rough, we must first observe whether the material to be cut is within the scope of the entire equipment; if so, then adjust the focusing mirror of the fiber laser cutting machine to focus the light of the laser equipment thinner. Only in this way can the cutting effect be better.

  It should be noted that: in the face of the sudden failure of the fiber laser cutting machine equipment, we must remain calm, no matter what working state the fiber laser cutting machine is in, the first thing we do at this moment is to turn off the power immediately, and then proceed Analysis and investigation.

  Have you learned the above 7 common failures and solutions of fiber laser cutting machines? If you have any other questions, please contact Leapion Laser.


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