AAA-450 CNC fully automatic aluminum cutting machine, is the most accurate model in the AAA aluminum cutting series, its cutting accuracy according to the material up to ±0.05mm, low to ±0.1mm. In addition to high cutting accuracy, AAA-450 CNC automatic aluminum cutting machine has the following characteristics:
1、Innovative transverse cutting, installation of hidden alloy saw blade, high safety;
2、Smooth cutting surface, no edge; automatic fuel injection on both sides of the blade, saw blade is more durable, cutting accuracy is higher;
3、Using the Mitsubishi servo control system, the feeding length is adjustable, and multiple materials can be cut simultaneously;
4、 Automatic control of pressure, cutting speed adjustable;
5、 The main shaft, spindle seat and platform plate are all integral castings, the main shaft adopts synchronous belt rotation, the stability is strong;
6、 Automatic centralized recovery of aluminum chips to maintain a good working environment;
AAA-450 CNC automatic aluminum cutting machine, a set of precision, efficiency, environmental protection in one of the high-tech cutting aluminum machine, is definitely a good helper for your production!

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